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Frequently Asked Questions


Is all functionality available from the keyboard?
Yes. The Rain system automatically allows us to implement this tool.

Do you have any content that is known to cause seizures?
We try our best to keep our photos static and our galleries slower. However, if you have any concerns about certain content on the website, please do not hesitate to call us at (509)368-9527 or email us at

Is there enough time for users to read and use content?
In general, we keep our sliders slower (5 to 7 seconds) and employ only one or two of them. We try to provide enough time for all users to read and use all content. In the case of the front page slider, we also have alternate means of navigation to each slide.

What else are you doing to make sure your webpage is accessible?
Our Rain POS system automatically makes the language of the page programmatically identifiable, as well as making navigation consistent across the website. 

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