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The Story of the Nook!

The Hook & Needle Nook is the inspiration of the Northeast Washington Knitting group that meets on Tuesday nights in Spokane, WA.   People who do fiber art work like to get together in a comfortable place and create together.  Our group started a pipe dream about a yarn shop and how we would set it up and what we would put in it.  The pipe dream set me on fire and I decided to make this wonderful pipe dream into a reality.  I am a retired scientist.  I have a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and did research and taught for a living.  Biochemistry is one of my passions.  Fiber art work is the other.  I love to knit, crochet, sew, spin, and read anything to do with all of the above.  This little store is a place to surround myself with the things I love and to offer a place for other fiber nuts like me to gather and enjoy being surrounded by some pretty luscious stuff!

So I thank the eight women and their children for inspiring me to fulfill a dream and find a second career.   I thank the women that responded to my call for fiber art work and supplies  you will find in my little shop.

Please check out the yarns from Hilltop Alpaca Farms owned by Esther Long.  These beautiful, natural alpaca yarns were produced from the fleece of some very well loved alpacas.  You will find some rare rose gray alpaca yarn in the Hilltop stash!

Please check out the yarns and fibers from the Yarn Fairy and Pixies.  The are unique hand-dyed yarns and curly looks that absolutely take my breath away!

Check out our store full of used wheels and looms.  Many of them have been rescued by me.  I have lovingly restored them and am seeking homes for them.  They were made to use.  Buy one and create something wonderful!

One last side line, I found out my great-grandmother Wheeler was a master weaver.  My cousin has a bedspread she wove some time in the late 19th century.  My newest passion is weaving.  Thanks, Great-grandmother Amanda!

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