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Cotswold roving

This natural white Cotswold wool was locally raised by Linda McIntosh and processed into pin drafted roving at the Fibers First mill in Post Falls, Idaho. It is high quality, very clean, and ready to spin or felt.

Pin drafted roving is a special treat for the hand spinner! The fibers have been partially aligned, so it is something between a springy roving and a smooth top. This roving is less than an inch wide, so it is all ready to spin without any additional pre-drafting or preparation. You can learn about the tools used to create this roving here.

Cotswold wool is strong and lustrous. It felts with ease and absorbs dye well without loosing any of its lovely shine. Most Cotswold fleeces have a staple length of 7 to 13 inches! The breed originated in the Cotswold Hills of west England and was near extinction before it was discovered by fiber artists. You can learn more about the history of Cotswold sheep here.

* Sold by the ounce
Pin drafted
Locally sourced
Long staple length
Natural white

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