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Ashford Traditional Double Drive Spinning Wheel

The Traditional is Ashford's most popular spinning wheel! It is a classic saxony wheel and perfect for the beginning spinner.  We use the Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel in our classes because it is so easy for a beginner to learn to control.  The ease with which the wheel operates makes teaching the basics of drafting and plying simple.  

The wheel is small enough that it will travel in the back sit of a normal sized car.  The seat belt fits right over it.  You can take it to the nearest fiber art fair without worrying about damaging it.  

The wheel comes with both Scotch tension  and double drive.  The Scotch tension feature is easy to adjust.  We use the Scotch tension feature with our students because it makes it easy to adjust the speed of the wheel.  The double drive is excellent also.  When the student get their spinning legs and catches on to drafting, the little Traditional Double Drive will be there to help them that their spinning to the next level.  

The are bulky flyers available for plying and other accessories that make your spinning experience a good one.  The yarn you create with this wheel will be a pleasure to work with.  Spinners can also put a large orifice on this wheel to make art yarn.  It is a simple wheel but it has remarkable versatility and will give the spinner years of spinning pleasure.  

Ashford makes many optional accessories for it, making it 
extremely versatile. This wheel has been in production since 1940 and has maintained an excellent reputation amongst spinners of all skill levels.

Product Specifications:
* Finish: Natural, lacquered
* Wheel diameter: 22"
* Standard sized bobbin capacity: 3-4oz
* Orifice: 3/8"
* Orifice height: 27.25"
* Double drive ratios: 7.5, 9.5, 13:1 (16:1 bobbin lead)
* Included accessories: 4 bobbins, 1 lazy kate, 1 threading hook, and a learn to spin booklet

Here is a video by Ashford on how to spin on an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel:

You can read about the history of the Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel here.

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