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June Cashmere Cowl Kit

June Cashmere Cowl kit is   Surprise yourself with our our bag full of luxury yarn, an exclusive pattern created to flatter the yarn color, and other goodies that will add to the fun of opening this to-die-for surprise!  When we were selecting what we wanted to put in the surprise bag, we picked a pattern we used to make up some of our shop samples.  The knitting pattern in the surprise bag has been picked up and admired by a number of our customers.  It is a coveted, lovely, piece to knit.  

You get to pick from 5 colors.  You have to go by names and if you are into scavenger hunts, you can look for our yarn by the name of the colorway.  But why spoil the surprise?  We want to delight you with something special.

Worried about one more project?  This one is a fast, fun knit and perfect for a weekend of knitting.  Spend you Sunday knitting and where you project to work the next day!!  We guarantee that the yarn will be a delight to work up into this lovely pattern.  A quick, beautiful project that is a luxury to wear!  

Our June Cashmere Cowl Kit is the Mystery Bag we offered in September.  We sill have the surprise gifts we put together in the bag to delight and please you.  They will only contain the finest of our yarns and select patterns that knit up into fiber art you will treasure.  This bag contains the makings of a beautiful gift too.  If you are already panicked about Christmas, here is an easy way to start.  

We hope you enjoy the first of our Mystery Bags!  If you buy one, let us know if it meets you expectations.  We fully intend on outdoing ourselves every month!  

Your surprise will arrive in one of our logo bags that we used for special projects.  It is the right size to hold you projects and all the goodies we stuff in there for you!  

The particulars:

  • 308 yards of one of our favorite luxury yarns
  • A pattern designed for the yarn 
  • A Logo project bag 10"x12"
  • notions that match
  • and to find out about the other goodies, you have to buy the bag!

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