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16 harness LeClerc Floor Loom 60"weaving width

This 1971 loom has been well cared for and needs to be in the home of a serious weaver.  It is very heavy and extremely well made.  Accessories include a 15 dent reed with a 60" weaving width, 2 lease sticks, raddle, 2 warping beams, and an abundance of 12.5 " metal heddles.  Comes with a weaving bench and a storage box that sits on top of the loom.  Comes with the original assembly instructions and how to weave instructions.  

The loom must be dismantles to remove it from its current location.  Bring a truck and strong people to help to dismantle and load the loom.  

The loom originally sold for over $6000 and is in excellent condition.  The owner wants it to have a good home.

The loom can be sold for the best offer from a weaver that can give it the home it deserves.  

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