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Ashford Traditional Double Drive Spinning Wheel

The Traditional is Ashford's most popular spinning wheel! It is a classic saxony wheel, and Ashford makes many optional accessories for it, making it extremely versatile. This wheel has been in production since 1940 and has maintained an excellent reputation amongst spinners of all skill levels.

Product Specifications:
* Finish: Natural, lacquered
* Wheel diameter: 22"
* Standard sized bobbin capacity: 3-4oz
* Orifice: 3/8"
* Orifice height: 27.25"
* Double drive ratios: 7.5, 9.5, 13:1 (16:1 bobbin lead)
* Included accessories: 4 bobbins, 1 lazy kate, 1 threading hook, and a learn to spin booklet

Here is a video by Ashford on how to spin on an Ashford Traditional spinning wheel:

You can read about the history of the Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel here.

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