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Schacht Cricket Loom

The Cricket rigid heddle loom is the cutest little compact loom! It is perfect for learning to weave, and for more advanced weavers looking for a small travel loom. It comes with everything you need to start weaving! In addition to the loom itself, this includes an 8-dent reed, a threading hook, warping peg, 2 table clamps, 2 stick shuttles, 2 balls of yarn (colors will vary), 2 fun project ideas, and weaving instructions.

The Cricket is made in Boulder, Colorado from high-quality maple plywood and hard maple and is left unfinished. The maple in this loom is sustainably sourced from the forests of Northern Michigan and Canada. 

How does a rigid heddle loom make weaving fun and easy? When the heddle is moved from the neutral position to down or up positions, it creates a shed, or opening, where the weft can pass through. This makes weaving much quicker than picking each yarn up by hand as you would do with a frame loom.

Here is a video from Schacht on how to assemble your Cricket loom:

Here is a video from Schacht on how to warp a Cricket loom:

Click here to read Schacht's Assembly and Weaving Instructions for the Cricket Loom.

Click here for instructions on making an easy scarf on a Cricket loom.

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