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Easy Weaver by Harrisville Designs

Easy Weaver by Harrisville Designs is a small rigid heddle loom ideal for the beginning weaver.  The loom is easy to warp and very simple to learn weaving.  The small size makes it ideal for a child who is interested in learning to weave.  The simple up and daown movement of the heddle makes it easy for the beginner to watch the fabric grow as they weave.  Easily fits on a table top or in the lap.  

This small Easy Weaver has a straight forward working mechanism.  Once it is warped, the weaving experience is simple and fast.  This little loom is fun for anyone that enjoys the simple rhythm of creating cloth.  This particular loom is an older version of the current Easy Weaver by Harrisville Designs.  You can find the current version here.  This little loom is much less expensive and is easily tightened and loosened with the metal pawl mechanism.  There is one chipped wood piece on the cloth bar but it does not interfere with weaving or warping.    The Easy Weaver is designed for ages 7+, Easy Weave will give many hours of fun to the person lucky enough to own one.  

Easy Weavers are simple and logical in design, easy to understand and use even for someone who has never woven before. You can produce a surprising variety of woven pieces with ease - scarves, table runners, doll blankets and placemats. Sew the strips together and make pillow covers, blankets, clothing and more!

Make scarves, coasters, or cloth for doll clothes.  Have fun with your child on a road trip with this highly portable loom.  Keep it as a collector's piece.  This particular loom is used and has been warped and is ready to weave. The warping yarn is 3 yards of white, single ply worsted weight yarn.  The weft can be changed to any color or yarn size if you wish to make an interested stripped pattern.  

Surprise a child or a beginning weaver with this little cute piece of weaving joy.  

The Particulars:

-Rigid heddle 
-Weaving width 7"
-instructions included
-Sample yarn included
-Used but in good working condition
-Designed for Ages 7+

Give this cute little guy a home with someone who will enjoy weaving on it.  

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