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Consignment - Inca 4 harness floor loom

Inca Counterbalance Loom by LeClerc

Due to the ease of Treadle reach, the Inca is favored by the average weaver for comfort over long weaving sessions. Leclerc's compact, solid design allows weaving a full range of fabric including rugs. These looms incorporate Leclerc's exclusive Shed Regulator. This unique mechanism provides a quick simple switch from balanced to unbalanced weaves with a minimum of adjustment. This provides the same versatility as a Jack Loom but with the advantage of full control over top and bottom shed openings offered by the Counterbalance design. The Counterbalance shed is wide and clean on every pick over the full range of 4 Shaft weaves, including the higher tension rug designs.  The price is very good for this loom.  A new loom like the Inca is the Fanny II, which is 4 times the price of this one. here  Be sure and look at the 16 harness loom we have for sale here.

Equipment Included

  • Steel Reed - 12 Dent

  • 2 Lease Sticks

  • 6 Treadles

  • 4 Warp Rods

  • Wire Heddles, see chart below for amount

  • 2 Aprons

  • 2 cords

  • Assembly instructions

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