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Hiya Hiya DPNs

Want to knit sock or the top of a hat without using magic loop? Then DPNs are the needles for you! All of HiyaHiya's DPNs come in packs of 5 needles. You can knit with just 4, or with all 5 depending on your preference and the size of your project.

About the HiyaHiya's Steel Double Pointed Needles:

HiyaHiya's high quality stainless-steel DPNs are hollow, giving them a lovely lightweight feel, yet strong and perfect for your hand knitted projects. Stitches glide effortlessly over the needle tips enhancing the overall knitting experience! HiyaHiya's steel DPNs contain no nickel coating so are ideal for knitter's with allergies.

About the HiyaHiya's Bamboo Double Pointed Needles:

The high quality of the bamboo double pointed needles is assured using the finest selected bamboo that won't splinter or warp over time. The bamboo DPNs are, furthermore, injected with a resin that allows them to be lighter in weight which decreases the strain on the knitter's wrists. This ensures all our bamboo double pointed needles are warm to the touch which is fantastic for knitters with reduced dexterity.

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