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4 FAQs About Yarn Needles Answered

If you're a knitter, you've used a yarn needle or two in your time. But what exactly are they for? And how do you use them? The Hook and Needle Nook, LLC in the Post Falls area is here to answer your questions about yarn needles! We sell a variety of yarn needles so that you can find the perfect one for your project.

This information will answer four of the most frequently asked questions about yarn needles. So, keep reading to learn more!

1) What Is the Difference Between a Yarn and a Regular Needle?

- A yarn needle is a blunt needle with a large eye that is used for sewing together knit or crocheted fabric or weaving in the ends of yarn. Regular needles have sharp points and are used for sewing different fabrics together.
- The eye of a needle is much larger than a regular needle's, making it easier to thread yarn through it. The large eye also prevents the needle from splitting the yarn as it is pushed through the fabric.
- Yarn needles are usually made of plastic or metal and come in different sizes depending on the thickness of the yarn used.
- Regular needles are made of various materials, including metals, plastics, and bone.

At The Hook and Needle Nook, LLC in the Post Falls area, we sell a variety of yarn needles to fit your needs! Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect needle for your project. So, stop in today and check out our selection!

2) What Are They Used For?

- Yarn needles are used for various tasks, the most popular being sewing up holes in knitwear or crochet. They can also be used to weave in ends, attach appliqués, and make tassels.

The Hook and Needle Nook, LLC in the Post Falls area also conducts knitting and crochet classes.

3) How Do You Use Them?

Here are the basic steps:

- Thread the needle with yarn, leaving a tail of about six inches.
- Insert the needle under the stitch on the left side, then over the stitch on the right side.
- Pull the yarn through to create a new loop on the right side.
- Repeat these steps until you reach the end of your row or round.

If you're new to knitting or crocheting, The Hook and Needle Nook, LLC in the Post Falls area has a great selection of yarn needles for every project.

4) Which One Should You Choose for Your Project?

The best types of needles include:

- Tapestry needles: These have a blunt end and a large eye, making them ideal for weaving in ends and working with bulky yarns.
- Crochet hooks: Crochet hooks can be used as needles, and they're especially helpful when working with slippery or difficult-to-manage yarns.
- Bent tip needles have a sharp point and a small, bent eye. So, they're perfect for working with delicate yarns and intricate stitch patterns.
- Straight needles are the most versatile type of yarn needle. They can be used for various tasks, from weaving in ends to seaming pieces together.

No matter which type of yarn needle you need, The Hook and Needle Nook, LLC in the Post Falls area has you covered! Visit our website or give us a call today to order the perfect yarn needle for your next project.

The Hook and Needle Nook, LLC in the Post Falls area is the best place to shop for needles. We offer a wide variety of yarn needles and other knitting and crocheting supplies.

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