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Rigid Heddle Weaving: Direct Warping

The nice thing about Rigid Heddle Weaving is that you can direct warp your loom in a couple of hours. Judy Olsen knows the tricks to direct warping and can get you ready to go home and weave on your rigid heddle loom. Bring your own loom and 2 skeins of yarn. Alternatively, buy your own Schacht Cricket Loom! It contains the warping peg and the 2 skeins of yarn you will need all in one easy package! Regardless, join the fun and ease of rigid heddle weaving by learning from an expert weaver!!

Beginning Weaving Part III: Weaving

"Beginning Weaving Part III: Weaving" is the last in our three part series on how to weave. In this class you will finish up your project and leave with a working knowledge of how to weave. In the previous classes, students learned to measure yarn for a project, wind it into a warp, and how to dress a loom with the warp threads. This class is all weft and you learn how to shuttle correctly, create even selvages, and finish up your cloth.

Weaving Series: Warping, Dressing a Loom, and Weaving

This class is for those who want to sign up for Parts I, II, and III. The Series is priced at 10% off. It you want to take all three weaving classes, purchase this series and save.

Apr 18
Beginning Crochet
Apr 19
Beginning Brazilian Embroidery
Apr 19
Beginning Brazilian Embroidery

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