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AR101: Beginning Tatting

Our tatting class will cover the basics of the front and back stitches required to make complete stitches in tatting.  You learn how to make rings, picots, and connecting rings with picots as well as ideas for ornamentation.


- Tatting shuttles with a hook on the end (provided)
- Cotton Thread (provided)
- How to thread a shuttle
- How to hold a shuttle
- The basic stitches
- How to make rings, picots, and how to connect rings

First class:  Learning to make the front and back half-hitch knots with a shuttle and thread. Basics of picots. Introduce second shuttle if there is time.

Second class: Connecting rings via Picots, and basic shaping/design. Different sizes of rings! Make a flower!

Third class: Connecting loops via Picots Advanced. This technique is used for making things like bookmarks and block tatting doilies. Multiple colors and shuttles as desired. Beads.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
An interest in tatting and an enthusiasm for learning a new fiber art.
Materials Included:
Tatting shuttle with hook and some thread to tat with.
A curiosity about how to tat and an enthusiastic attitude! You may want to purchase a second shuttle for learning two shuttle work.
Instructor Name:
AdriAnna Rodriguez

AR101: Beginning Tatting

$ 75.00
Price includes 1 tatting shuttle and thread
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