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KG001: Hand Spinning Yarn on a Spinning Wheel

Hand Spinning Yarn on a Spinning Wheel is a wonderful way to make your own yarn, any size, any style. You can create so many different kinds of yarn. It is a whole new world to be introduced to. You may think of it as an ancient art however as you tell people you are learning to spin you will be surprised at all the spinners you meet.

This class will teach you how the spinning wheel works and how to use the wheel for making a basic 2 ply yarn. You will also learn about spinning wheels, types of wheels, the parts of a wheel and different tension types, types of fiber, how to prepare the fiber, other tools that you may use that make the whole process easier. 

I find spinning to be a very relaxing craft once you get past the learning curve.  It is a total stress reliever! 

Supplies needed:
-Spinning wheel in good working order, or borrow one of ours
-Fiber is provided with class fee
-Orifice hook
-niddy noddy if you have one.

What you will learn:
-erogonamic posture for spinning
-parts of a wheel
-the drafting zone
-filling the bobbin
-using a niddy noddy
-setting the twist

The class is a two session class.  In the first calss, learn all about your wheel in the first class and the basics of how to spin on your wheel.  The second class goes into the details of fibers, how to  how to ply and set twist.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Students who know how to spin with a spindle learn faster. Knowing how to spin on a spinde is highly desirable but not necessary.
Materials Included:
1 ounce of BFL top
Wheels and spindles are available for use and purchase. We recommend you bring your own wheel in good working order along with bobbins and a niddy noddy if you have one.
Instructor Name:
Karen Goodson
Instructor Bio:
Karen Goodson - I have been hand spinning yarn for over 35 years. I have done many crafts through the years however I have found making yarn to be at the top of my list. I have been involved in the hand spinning world throughout the Northwest for all of the years I have spun. I have been a director for North west Regional Handspinners Assn, a certified handspinning judge, and even taught the judging certification program for a number of years. I have demonstrated spinning at numerous events. I have belonged to many hand spinning groups and planned retreats and conferences for these groups. I love the craft so much My husband and I purchased and run a fiber mill where we custom produce yarns and roving for the local farmers. Fibers First Inc. I am a true crafter at heart - quilting, knitting, crocheting, weaving, pineneedle basketry, beading, rug hooking, sewing, scrapbooking are a few of the crafts I love. Teaching others any of these crafts has always been a joy for me as I really want to see all these crafts carried forward for many generations to come.

KG001: Hand Spinning Yarn on a Spinning Wheel

$ 130.00
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